Sunday, 20 July 2008

I Been a good girl!!!

Well, I been stitching away on Mr Happy variagated threads turned up & I sooooo wanted to have a play with them!!!

Anyway, I was good & finished Mr Happy first...didnt want to decided variations aint as exciting as I remembered but, interesting....reckon I need to get back into the swing of things again!!!!!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Its a miracle....we have owls & Mr Strong!!!!!

Well, the puzzle was a challenge....took me 5 hours to stick it all back together!!!!

Chris is happy though. Not too bad a job considering.

Also managed to get Mr Strong finished & have just started Mr Happy (July) aswell.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

One Heck of a Puzzle!!!

Have started the next piece on the Mr Men Calender, Mr Strong - August but, wont be stitching today as my son has bought me home a lovely puzzle to complete. He has been painting me a pot with 3 owls on top at his ceramic class (perfect for me to keep my threads in) but, he dropped it before he managed to get in the front door.......guess whos gonna have to spend all morning trying to glue it together again!!!

Finished my Looney parts at last!!!

Ive finally finished all I have to do on the Looney RR. Ive completed the backstitch around the edge & on one of the others that hadnt been completed. Ive also stitched most of Pisces so that my Mum & Dad can finish it off & put there names to it....theres a bit of cheating going on here!!

Now, at long last, Im stitching something I want to do....I love the Looney piece but, hate stitching with a deadline so, Im glad its done....Have started working on my Mr Men calender now & have just finished the backstitch on February that someone else left.

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Looney Tunes, nearly there!!!!

Just about done now. My 2 lads have both down their bits. Connor stitched a bit on the Taurus (bugs on the bull) & Chris has done his bit on the Gemini one (Bugs & Daffy together).

Ive managed to get the back stitch done on both of these aswell & also the main centre circles have been completed too.

Now, just need to help Mum & Dad along a bit on the one that they are stitching (Pisces/ Sylvester) for Kat & complete the outside ring backstitch.....Oh yes, & Karen (Aunty) has got to get her bit done too....Phew......23 days & counting down!!!!!