Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Finished my Looney parts at last!!!

Ive finally finished all I have to do on the Looney RR. Ive completed the backstitch around the edge & on one of the others that hadnt been completed. Ive also stitched most of Pisces so that my Mum & Dad can finish it off & put there names to it....theres a bit of cheating going on here!!

Now, at long last, Im stitching something I want to do....I love the Looney piece but, hate stitching with a deadline so, Im glad its done....Have started working on my Mr Men calender now & have just finished the backstitch on February that someone else left.

1 comment:

Miss 376 said...

Do you begin to get the feeling that someone doesn't like doing backstitch? Hope you enjoy your next project