Monday, 20 April 2009

Sal Update & zodiac piece

Got quite a bit done this weekend so, the blob now looks like a dragon. Im putting this aside for a bit as Im waiting for some threads to be delivered.

Im now working on my zodiac piece....this is a huge piece consisting of 12 kits Ive stuck on one huge piece of aida. It started as an RR but, due to the overall cost (over £140) I decided not to post it around anymore incase it got lost!!

Im working on Aquarius, at the bottom, at the moment. If I can get 1 kit stitched a month, I can have it finished this year.....stop laughing :0)

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Fantasy RR Update & SAL

Oooops, late again!!!

Got Ceildhs Fantasy RR piece & decided to do a dragon for her.....turns out, its a lot larger than I realised, lol.

Anyway, loving it & doing it on this weekends Facebook SAL......Heres the B4 piccie....if I remember, you might get an after shot on Monday :0)