Sunday, 6 July 2008

Looney Tunes, nearly there!!!!

Just about done now. My 2 lads have both down their bits. Connor stitched a bit on the Taurus (bugs on the bull) & Chris has done his bit on the Gemini one (Bugs & Daffy together).

Ive managed to get the back stitch done on both of these aswell & also the main centre circles have been completed too.

Now, just need to help Mum & Dad along a bit on the one that they are stitching (Pisces/ Sylvester) for Kat & complete the outside ring backstitch.....Oh yes, & Karen (Aunty) has got to get her bit done too....Phew......23 days & counting down!!!!!

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Miss 376 said...

This is going to be a piece of stitchng with a story to tell!