Sunday, 7 October 2007

October Update

Havent had the chance to do much stitching (again!) but, have managed to finish Janes Zodiac RR & have made a start on Joys (Scotland) Countrys RR.

Also recieved 2 new RRs. These are Joyces (UK) & Susies (UK) calender RRs. Im really looking forward to stitching on Susies (its Margaret Sherrys 12 days of christmas) as I have this in my 'to do' list too.

Joyces will be interesting aswell as, she hasnt supplied any charts!! A nice little challenge :0)

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Sue said...

Wow Julie Your going to be very busy with stitching and college. I know what you mean about the 12 days of christmas I have that in my WIP I stitch on it every now and then when I have nothing else to stitch or just want a change. Have stitched 3 so far

Hope all's well at college

sue x