Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Im Back, its 1517 & Martin Luther Leads the protestant Revolt!!!

Ok, I havent totally lost the plot, Ive just started my Millenium sampler....better late than never. Its my 2nd ever evenweave piece & a type of design Ive never worked on before but, Im thoroughly enjoying it. The plan was to stitch one of the small dated pieces every weekday & one of the horizontal dividing lines every weekend but, as you can see, Im behind already!!

Its taking much longer than I thought so, Im going to have to keep putting it down & getting on with the RRs including, the pictured Looney Tunes zodiac piece that Im starting with the girls as a one piece for my daughters 21st birthday next year.

Took Janes (uk) calender RR with me on holiday but, didnt get the chance to do as much as Id hoped. Im now working on Taurus & Virgo at the same time on it.

Also, recieved a lovely British Isles Map chart from Sew & sew this morning to add to my ever increasing stash!!

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