Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Fantasy 2 RR home & 2 More RRs Arrived

Well, after the fastest weekend stitching ever, Ive hardly touched a needle in the last 10 days. My birds decided to attempt to lay eggs.....with numerous problems so, Ive been fussing around them all week!!

Had a lovely suprise when my mermaid Fantasy 2 RR arrived home. It looks just about finished but, it does need another part panel stitched on the right hand side & a fair bit of back stitch. Looks fantastic anyway so, many thanks to the ladies from CSRR who sticthed on it for me, I was expecting to have to do a lot more of it myself :0)

Also recieved 2 Margaret Sherry RRs. Susies (uk) is 'Mums favourite sayings'....a chart I have also wanted to stitch for quite a while & Nicola (Australia) is again doing seperate panels to be made into pillows for her local kids hospital.

Ive done a very small amount of stitching on Susans (Canada) Disney RR this week. It Doc from Snow White & 7 Dwarfs.....or at least it will be if I get a move on!!


Deb said...

Ok,you sent me here.
That boy and girl mermaid Ocean is awesome.
Being a Pisces,I love anything like this.Have never seen anything like this.
Must be overseas mags.Lovely Julie

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